Amazing Zion

Zion is a place that cannot be adequately described by words. It is a sanctuary, an emotion, a moment that stays with you forever.  Like this one, where we are sitting atop a canyon, waiting for the rain to pass, eating peanut butter sandwiches while our eyes are trying and failing to take it all in.

When you enter Zion National Park you will experience an emotion that won’t fit inside your mind or your camera, but your heart will understand. Zion will change you. The colors will mesmerize you. The immensity will leave you speechless.

Zion is a fascinating parade of deep blue sky, lavish green forests, and fiery canyons that are carved by azure streams and rivers. Some of the park’s most theatrical canyons are accessible to hikers or visible from high-country viewpoints, while others lie deep in the back-country.

Canyoning and scrambling up the mountains were two of my favorite activities in Zion.

A walk into the Zion River Narrows at the Temple of Sinawava unveiled the soul of the park. Surrounded by the giant and narrow walls of sandstone, wading through icy waters of the Virgin River required a stick. After a few miles we got cold and had to take a break to dry out and warm up in the sun.

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