The Importance of Relaxation

Learning how to relax my muscles has been a life changing experience. I used to get so anxious and tense throughout the day I didn’t even recognize what relaxed muscles should feel like. When my fencing coaches kept repeating “relax your shoulder”, I could not do it. It was not until my trainer  introduced me to these muscle relaxation exercises when I finally discovered what it really feels like to be completely relaxed.

Doing muscle relaxation exercises has helped me manage stress and reduce the frequency of general illnesses such as colds, sore throat and the flu. Regular relaxation has also made a remarkable change on my body, my metabolism, and my spirits.

I find this particular progressive muscle relaxation exercise most helpful in distinguishing between the feelings of a tensed muscle and a completely relaxed muscle. It has a unique capacity to train the brain how to provide stimulation and calm while dissipating stress and anxiety.

Aerobic exercise has also helped me manage anxiousness. By reducing the level of my stress hormones, while stimulating the production of endorphins, I get an awesome feeling of optimism after a hard workout at the Tonique studio.

When relaxation exercises and working out do not work in managing stress, I find that talking out problems with a supportive listener helps in releasing my anxiety levels. I also use Muse Headband to meditate and keep a gratitude journal. All of these things help me relax, reduce stress and stay happy.

And what about you?

How do you stay calm?






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